Logo collection #2


Lightstock announced on 99designs that they were looking for a logo for their christian stock photo, vector and footage website. Being a christian website they wished for the logo to incorporate one or more christian symbols.

Lightstock Symbols

My take on it was to combine the christian fish, ichthys with the christian cross to create a lightbulb (wordplay on their name). I have personally grown very fond of this logo. Unfortunately my logo was not chosen.




On our first year at Noroff Nilz.no approached the entire class, challenging us to produce a new profile for them. We were put in groups of 4, allowed to change the name as well we came up with Fotprint. We expanded the business beyond just printing clothing articles to profiling articles as well.

Branding is all about leaving behind footprints, creating personal relations and identities, thus the logo and name. Unfortunately Nilz never let themselves hear from again and it ended up solely as school work with no winner chosen.




Long Island Computer Repairs

Long Island Computer Repairs announced on 99designs that they were looking for a new logo. A believer of simplicity I ended up creating this design that I believe speaks for itself very clearly. Unfortunately my logo was not the victor of this contest.



Orbit Film

Orbit Film approached me when they were in need of a logo for their newly founded filmstudio. Combining the aperture of a camera and the trail of a comet this became their logo.